I am a passionate UX designer, formally trained through a management consulting company. I enjoy taking on challenging projects which require research, rigorous stakeholder engagement, and potential for significant impact on the users of the product. I believe that quality design is characterized not by how it looks, but by how it simplifies the user’s experience resulting in delight while reaching business objectives.

I got into design because my parents decided that I needed to be responsible for my own lunch money seven years ago and I have not looked back since. I am always keen to learn and ready to be exposed to new environments and challenges.


I value understanding the project’s requirements, scope, my role in it, and measurable outcomes for the project. I believe in supporting team members and approaching problems with a collective mindset. Whilst a big picture thinker, I like lists and break down goals into smaller tasks. Delivering quality and timely work is vital to me.

TOOLS & Skills

Adobe XD
High Fidelity UI
User Testing
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Office




I was tasked with designing a chatbot for an insurance company, but the role involved much more than just designing copy.  Stakeholder engagement and deep collaboration were required to understand the context of the customer, the landscape of the tech infrastructure and formulating working relationships. This involved learning about the insurance industry and adapting my skills to designing copy for a chatbot, where each message is like a screen with its own affordances and signifiers. 

Dr GM Tshukudu

WEBSITE design

I was approached with the task of creating a website for a plastic surgeon. However, upon delving deeper into the project, it became clear that the real issue at hand was the need to improve the surgeon’s visibility. To address this, I employed Design Thinking which involved working closely with the doctor to uncover her pain points and devise solutions. The outcome of this collaborative effort was a website that not only fulfilled the initial mandate but also resolved the underlying issue of limited visibility for the doctor as serving as a valuable channel for patients to find information and connect with her.



The mandate involved the consolidation of all digital employee services into one single super portal. This involved the redesign of existing services to be integrated into the portal and designing the user interface for entirely new services that Nedbank is introducing to its employees. I was responsible for designing and being part of user testing of the new employee portal’s new features.

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